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Our History

Our firm is proud to have continued to serve the financial needs of businesses and individuals in Palm Beach County and surrounding areas since the early 1980's. We have grown to become one of the most respected local accounting firms in Palm Beach County. Our growth has been derived entirely from internal expansion due to the comprehensive scope of services we provide and our excellent reputation in the business community. These factors allow us to attract and retain a highly qualified team of professionals to serve you.

Our Committment

The firm maintains an excellent reputation in the business community due to its integrity and high standards of professionalism. Our interest in our clients, rather than our own self-interest, is a dominating factor in our organization's philosophy of existence. Rather than considering ourselves primarily business people and being inclined to base our services on profit potential, we consider ourselves professionals and base our services on a true concern for our clients' welfare. Because of this, we have a constant willingness to increase our technical competance, to keep current with new developments and changes, and to acquire more knowledge for better fulfillment of clients' needs.

Our firm will never compromise its integrity to its clients, the community, or the profession. It is our desire to be a positive, contributing force to both you as our client, as well as to the accounting profession as a whole.


How To Get The Most Value From Our Services


The reason for our existence is to be of service to our clients. Our goal is to provide you with high quality accounting and financial services consistent with the highest standards and ethics of our profession quickly and efficiently, while maintaining our fees at the lowest possible cost. Our clients help us to accomplish this goal. Here are our suggestions on how you can make the best use of our services and get the most value for your fee:

  • Discuss your plans and objectives with us. When we understand the goals you have set and your plans for achieving those goals, we are in the best position to advise you and serve your interest.

  • Clearly tell us what you expect and hope to realize from our services. Clear and open discussions about your expectations will permit us to serve you in the manner that you feel is most appropriate.

  • Keep good records and help us save you fees by not using our professional time for routine work such as gathering records. However, when the need arises, such as the loss of key financial or accounting personnel, do not hesitate to call upon us when you need our assistance. In addition to providing our personnel to assist you during your time of need, we can also assist you in locating temporary or permanent accounting and financial staff.

  • Keep us informed of changes and new directions. We have found that the best way to serve our clients is through contact and sharing of information throughout the year, rather than just at year-end. One way that you can help us stay abreast of changes and new directions affecting you is to send us financial statements or other financial information on a routine monthly or quarterly basis.





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