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Tax Preparation & Planning

The best known and a respected service of a certified public accountant is that of tax advisor. Never in the history of our country has the burden of income tax and reporting requirements been so complex. Understandably, most individuals and business owners do not fully comprehend all of the rules and regulations that govern the way they do business and are taxed. Do you know enough about federal, state, and local tax laws to make sound financial, business and personal decisions? When it comes to taxes, are you positive you are not paying too much?.

It is surprisingly easy to get lost in this unfamiliar and increasingly complex area. Income tax planning requires a professional and our tax professionals can assist you in charting a smooth and easy course through today's tax laws. Due to our knowledge of complex tax provisions, and their susceptibility to constant change, we are the best and most reliable source for help in satisfying your tax obligations at the least possible cost. We are qualified to provide overall tax planning for the individual, partnership, corporation, estate or trust. Our professional staff is trained to provide answers to the many tax problems that you encounter from day to day.

Many tax return preparers consider the preparation of your returns as the ultimate goal and objective of their engagement. Although we know that tax returns must be filed, our firm considers the actual preparation of those filings as merely the finishing paperwork of a process that begins with our advising you of opportunities that may reduce your tax liability. We want to play a vital role in helping you plan your tax future.

We can also represent you in the event of controversies with state and federal tax agencies.


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